Insectéo is the brand created in 2014 by Romain Fessard, the founder of the number one edible insects online store in France. The ambition of Insectéo is to offer high quality insects to most. This is why the brand has established an exclusive partnership with a French farmer based in Thailand to offer insects selected for their taste and nutritional qualities. The only insects that do not come from Thailand, the Colombian ants (hormigas culonas), are provided by an agricultural cooperative of the Colombian region of Santander.

Insectéo, betting on a new taste

Edible insects are part of the new foods that will soon revolutionize the way we feed ourselves. Indeed, it has become urgent to find alternative sources of protein. While not advocating the abandonment of the consumption of meat and fish, Insectéo invites you to follow the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) recommendations. It invites the whole world population the eat edible insects, a source of protein and other essential nutrients whose production is much less harmful to the environment than traditional breeding. If some parts of the world have kept a taste for entomophagy (eating insects) like Southeast Asia, Central Africa and Latin America, it is no longer the case in Western countries. We believe this will change in the coming years. Therefore, Insectéo offers you to taste today the food of tomorrow.

Tasty and stylish products

Beyond the qualitative aspect of the Insectéo products, it was important to present this food innovation with strong incentives. Edible insects still keep an unusual and exotic dimension which can sometimes scare people off. That is why we have chosen to place special emphasis on the design of our boxes. The result, neat and elegant, has already won a number of new bug eaters. When the aesthetic pleasure is accompanied by a tasty culinary discovery, it is a victory for developing entomophagy!